Brand strategy & Campaigns
Year: 2021
Service: Brand strategy & Campaigns
Pixar Animation Studios, better known as Pixar, is a computer animation studio based in Emeryville, United States. It is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios, which are owned by The Walt Disney Company. Its origin dates back to 1979, when it began operating as The Graphics Group, the computer division of Lucasfilm. Almost a decade later, it was acquired by Steve Jobs, who also invested his own capital to help establish it as an independent animation company. In 1995, Pixar produced Toy Story, the first computer-animated feature in film history. After several years of collaboration, marked by several successful productions, Disney acquired the studio in 2006.


Pixar was looking for a new way to boost its product sales through digital media. The challenge was to reimagine ways to enhance experiences with Pixar products, leveraging the growth of premium retailers’ online stores, such as Liverpool and Walmart.


We produced rich content in the form of videos and animated web banners fueled by digital ads, alongside influencer-led marketing with animated product videos, podcasts, IGTV contests and commercial bumpers at the beginning and end of videos for audiences to better visualize Pixar’s content.

We launched campaigns that obtained up to 10.9M impressions and 217k interactions. We developed the very first podcast entirely devoted to Pixar, where Pixar Fest and all its products were discussed. We created a contest streamed on IGTV with great audience participation and high interaction levels via live comments. Pixar-themed product animated videos were successfully advertised to great outreach and widespread acceptance.